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27-Sep-2017 04:16

Please make sure to read the history before you edit - there may be information that is relevant to your update there .The guidelines are the same as for adding a new release.If you find you have a disagreement with another user regarding the release information, please DO NOT continue a back and forth argument in the release's comments section.Especially, please do not edit the release information back and forth.release=1), where you'll find the Edit Release link; This link will open up the submission form, populated with the current release data.You can then edit the data, explain your edit in the submission notes, and submit your edit to the database.This makes the release history hard to read, causes annoyance for other users, and is not constructive.All students are required to have a valid permanent (PR), billing (BI) and local mailing address (MA) even if the same address is listed for all three of these address types.

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To update release information, go to the release page (for example, and use the Edit Release link on the top right of the page; This will take you to the history page (for example at If you want to do the same type of edit over many releases, post a message in the Database forum stating your intentions.This will ensure your updates are acceptable before you do them, and may help you get votes faster.You can find the link to this page from the main release page, the Edit Release link is on the top right of the page.

On the history page, you will see an entry for every previous action (oldest at the top to newest at the bottom).Failure to do so could result in a registration hold being placed on your account.